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Meet The Centre Team

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We’re thrilled that you’re considering care with us, and our entire team can’t wait to welcome you into the practice. We invite you to learn more about each integral member of our team below.

Meet Robert van Schalkwyk, Chiropractor, Clinic Director

Chiropractor Fulham, Robert Van SchalkwykChiropractic found me rather than me finding chiropractic. I suffered a serious martial arts injury when I was 17. Conventional methods unfortunately could not help my lower back condition which was very debilitating. I was living on a cocktail of pain-relieving medication and I could not walk for more than 20 yards before my lower back locked up and pain shot down my right leg. I was told my only option was surgery which I was not keen for at the age of 17.

My Dad suggested I try his chiropractor who had helped him with his chronic headaches. He couldn’t find relief from his headaches and became depressed. A family friend suggested he try chiropractic, and this helped him immensely. After 3 months of intense care, I was back in the martial arts studio and back on the rugby field. I was able to avoid surgery and I no longer needed pain medication. I felt I had my life back and I was back to my former self. It was at this point I decided to help others, like I had been helped, and I became a Chiropractor. To this day I receive regular chiropractic care to keep myself functional and active.

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Chiropractor Fulham, Richard de Bois

Meet Richard De Bois, Chiropractor, Clinic Director

Originally from Australia, Richard studied chiropractic in Sydney before moving to France where he completed his studies. Having a prior education in healthcare, chiropractic brought new insight into Richard’s understanding of the workings of the human frame and helped him unlock the key to sustained health.

Richard enjoys working with people from all walks of life to educate them on how a chiropractic lifestyle is beneficial for both sedentary and active individuals and everyone in between.

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Meet Charlotta Binder, Chiropractor

Chiropractor Fulham, CharlotaAfter receiving chiropractic care following a sports injury, Charlotta was inspired not only by the results of her treatments, but by the capability and function of the human body. This encouraged her to pursue a career as a Chiropractor to help people in the way she had been.

Charlotta graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth and enjoys treating patients of all walks of life. She has a particular interest in functional patient management and rehabilitation and combines chiropractic adjusting techniques with a variety of soft tissue release. These include IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation) and Voodoo Muscle Floss techniques to assist restoration of postural structures as well as function of supportive tissues.

Charlotta believes in not only addressing the pain alone but other physiological stresses to the body, helping to ensure long lasting health benefits. She promotes these ethos in her personal life, too, by combining an active lifestyle with pilates to ensure mind and body are in sync.

Erkan, Osteopath

Meet Erkan Cetin, Osteopath

Erkan graduated with a Masters Degree from the University College of Osteopathy in 2021. He has 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry working with a range of clients from TV actors to professional athletes in MMA.

Erkan is a caring and compassionate Osteopath and loves using everything he has learned over the years to help people with recovery and healing. Erkan enjoys keeping people active and mobile and uses rehabilitation exercises alongside his Osteopathic treatments.

Meet Andy Parker, Osteopath

Andy photoAndy takes a structural and functional approach to treatment. He strongly believes in the body’s natural healing mechanisms and uses treatment, movement, and exercise to encourage pain relief and return to function. He believes in empowering his patients with the right knowledge, exercises and habitual changes in order to manage their ongoing improvement and maintenance.

Andy firmly believes in the importance of treating pain and injury while also creating strong, resilient bodies that are protected from injury in the future. We all have the potential to perform exercise, movement and day-to-day tasks without the fear of injury and Andy is keen to inspire this ability and confidence in his patients.

Before he became an osteopath, Andy qualified as a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist at the North London School of Sports Massage and worked as the Sports Massage Therapist for Rosslyn Park RFC 1st XV for two seasons. As if that wasn’t enough, he is currently studying acupuncture with the British Medical Acupuncture Society.

Some of Andy’s interests include cycling, running, and sailing with skiing thrown in for good measure. Andy is qualified to Yachtmaster Ocean and has participated in racing on the Solent, competed in Fastnet Race campaigns, as well as a Trans-Atlantic Race.

dorothy kovacs

Meet Dorothy Kovacs, Massage Therapist

One of Dorothy’s favourite parts about working as a massage therapist at The Centre is helping patients experience healing first-hand, while better educating them on how to stay happy and healthy. Every day, she enjoys welcoming new patients into her care, and strives to create a custom session that gives their body exactly what it needs.

Outside of the practice, Dorothy enjoys staying fit and eating a healthy diet. She comes from a musical family, and originally studied piano and singing.

Book with Dorothy for:

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Massage with Cupping
  • Massage and Kinesio Taping
  • Pregnancy massage (Pre- and Post-natal)
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Cellulite reduction massage


Meet Alessandro Ragusa, Massage Therapist

Born and raised in Syracuse in the warm Sicily, citizen of the world and lover of travel.

His extreme curiosity towards the knowledge of the biomechanical laws and the energetic forces of the human body, led him to start his career as a massage therapist at the age of 17.

The continuous refresher courses and decades of experience in the world of sports and especially in football with medical experts and physiotherapists, have allowed him to acquire an excellent knowledge of the management of the most common musculoskeletal diseases through the use of different massage techniques.

Expert in postural evaluations, he applies himself with love and dedication in all treatments trying to obtain the maximum psycho-physical balance.

Book with Alessandro for:

  • Sports massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Foot Reflexology

The Centre Chiropractic Assistant,  Ola

Ola Czarnecka, Head CA

Before joining the team in January 2018, Ola worked for many years in education and childcare.

Since joining the team Ola is constantly seeking ways to improve the client service, efficient running and growth of the practice. She is driven to improve clinical standards and service delivery. Continuously updating her knowledge about best practice standards as well as training our team are both very important to her.

Apart from customer service and running of the clinic, Ola is interested in in-house x-ray taking and our facility. She is looking forward to starting a radiography physics basics course in the near future and learning how to take x-rays herself.

Outside of work, Ola is most often found in cinemas or theatres of London, or in her kitchen experimenting with new healthy recipes.

The Centre Chiropractic Assistant,  sharon

Sharon Collumbell, CA

Born and raised in London Sharon has a vast customer service experience.

Before joining The Centre in November 2019 Sharon worked in the Gym environment for 15 years as Front of house and Duty manager. She loves meeting and talking to new people. Being on the front desk means being the first and last impression of what the patient takes away from their visit at The Centre, which for her is one of the most important parts of a CA’s job – knowing patients have gone away with a positive experience.

When not, working Sharon is busy occupying her son by mostly playing football with him.
Her other hobbies involve gym/outdoor workouts, listening to music and reading.

Kemi Alaba, CA

Kemi Alaba, CA

South-West London born and raised, Kemi has spent the last decade in Childcare and Education before deciding to delve into this new and exciting field of customer care in a chiropractic clinic.

She loves meeting people from all walks of life – getting to know them and their journeys.

When not in the clinic, Kemi loves learning new creative skills, listening to music, and having fun while working out at home.

The Centre CA, Natalie

Natalie Williams, CA

Natalie has been working as a Chiropractic Assistant since 2011.

After breaking her ankle in 2008 (which led her to have three operations) she managed to recover and avoid any further operations through regular chiropractic care.

She has previously worked for the NHS and Hammersmith and Fulham council services.

A mother of two children, Natalie is currently doing a history degree and aims to eventually get a PhD in History.

When not working, studying or mothering, she likes to spend time with friends, reading and writing, and doing anything creative.

giacinto colicci

Giacinto Colicci, Aesthetic Nurse

Giacinto Colicci has a true passion for working with his clients to help them reach their skincare and beauty goals through considered and effective medical aesthetics. When he started GC Aesthetic, he was able to meld his many years of experience in the aesthetic medicine industry with his background in working in operating theatres, to build a clinic that has become a trusted and renowned haven for his patients.

Patient confidence and satisfaction is at the forefront of everything he does, with cutting edge technologies, beautiful results and natural looking treatments being part and parcel of all tailored therapy plans.

Giacinto Colicci is an independent aesthetic nurse prescriber, qualifying as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner at Sapienza University Rome in 2008 with a BSc (Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing). He cultivated and perfected his skills in operating theatres in Milan and London, where he was able to consolidate his knowledge of anatomy.

Giacinto completed his Independent Nurse Prescriber qualification at Master Level and worked in Harley Street for one of the most prestigious aesthetics practices in the world before establishing his own successful clinic. He is registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (12E0018C).

Aesthetic Treatments Include:
  • Anti-wrinkle injections
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Lip Fillers
  • Chemical Skin Peels
  • Mesotherapy
  • PRP injections
  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty
  • PDO Thread Therapy

Available Soon

  • Joint and tendon injections for musculoskeletal pain syndromes
  • Intravenous Vitamin infusion therapy


Lana Lotman, Homeopath

Lana has developed PCOS (polycystic ovaries, a hormonal & metabolic disorder) in 2011 and is currently symptom-free after a decade of trial-and-error. Amidst these desperate times, she reluctantly tried homeopathy and ended up leaving her corporate job to work as a homeopath.

What is homeopathy?

  •  100% safe across all groups and all health conditions, even during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • compatible with all conventional treatments
  • produces 0 nasty side-effects
  • never tested on animals
  • eco-friendly and respectful of ecosystems
  • has helped millions of people around the world for the past 200 years.

So far, Lana has helped people with debilitating period pain, polycystic ovaries syndrome, suboptimal fertility, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, shoulder pain, hay fever, eczema, warts, molluscum, skin rash, acne, facial hair growth, weight loss, depression, chronic fatigue, cough, asthmatic bronchitis, IBS, stress management, processing grief.

After work you can find Lana in the gym lifting weights or sweating on the elliptic. Or in the kitchen experimenting with nutrient-dense recipes. She’d also never turn down a nature walk or a catch-up with friends in bustling London.

Zorina McCaulskey - Vitali-Chi Energy for Life Practitioner

Zorina McCaulskey – Vitali-Chi Energy for Life Practitioner

Stressed, feeling overwhelmed?

Coming to terms, or struggling to come to terms with the new “normal” of our lives?

As a result of the new pressure and stresses of life our immune systems, have become increasingly low which has made it harder for our bodies to fight infections.

So how does 30 to 45 minutes sound all to yourself? To allow the mind to have a rest, your body to recuperate and naturally heal from all the stresses of the week and your soul to be in a peaceful state.
Sounds too good to be true?

All this is possible with help of our lovely Zorina – our Vitali-Chi Practitioner.

What is Vitali-Chi Energy for Life? »

Vitali-Chi is an energy and wellbeing system that revitalises and regulates the natural energy that flows through your body. It is made of copper which has many healing properties and is a conductor of energy.

Vitali-Chi induces a theta brain wave state which is deeply relaxing. It is this meditative state known as “relaxation response” that encourages the body to self-heal. It helps to decrease the production of cortisol (stress hormone responsible for causing pain, inflammation, and the ageing process). The cells of your body are able to regenerate stronger and healthier, and therefore your immune system can become stronger.

The connectors which are attached from the feet to the opposite hands also have copper running through them. They are placed in a figure of number eight which enhances a better flow of energy.

This energy, when flowing freely, has the power to heal.

Sounds interesting?

Pick up your phone to book your session with Zorina now!

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