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Preventing Back Pain This Halloween


Family dressed for HalloweenHorror films, witches brew, and ghouls galore. While those things are expected this time of year, we know something that’s even scarier…dealing with back pain on Halloween!

With spooky season upon us, we’re getting into the holiday spirit with a few helpful tips for avoiding unnecessary back pain and injuries.

  1. Trick-or-treating with children this year? Consider bringing a stroller for toddlers who may not want to walk the entire time. The break isn’t just for them-it’s a much better option for your back than carrying them all night.
  2. While walking around your neighborhood, make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes for the trek. This goes for the entire family, as sometimes costumes don’t come with a solid shoe. Even a few hours in something uncomfortable can cause pain for days or weeks.
  3. Enjoy carving pumpkins for the holiday? Us too! But you’ll want to be conscious of how long you spend bent over your gourd stenciling and cutting the perfect design. If you’re a serious carver, make sure you take breaks and stand up tall to give your neck, shoulders, and back a break.
  4. Visit us for a pre-Halloween adjustment for the entire family. We’ll make sure your spine is in perfect shape for trick-or-treating all night long.

Ready to book an appointment? We’re waiting for your call. Contact us to do so today-we can’t wait to see you in the practice.

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