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Fulham Chiropractor - Robert van Schalkwyk

Fulham Chiropractor – Robert van Schalkwyk

Robert van Schalkwyk | Chiropractor

Apart from a small percentage of genetically linked conditions, we are all born to express health. The majority of conditions we suffer from today are therefore from our environment and lifestyle choices. Its’ not our bodies that are sick, its our environments.

Depending what ‘ingredients’ we choose to feed our genes, will determine what is genetically expressed. If we feed our genes the right ingredients (genetically congruent), we will express health. Our health is therefore our responsibility.

Chiropractic and Wellness are the two main tools I use to help my patients live a healthy happy life. Having a nervous system free of interference, eating well, moving well and thinking well are the ‘ingredients’ you need to live a healthy happy energetic life. read more»

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