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Meet Our Sports and Massage Therapists


Fulham Massage Therapist, Dorothy Kovacs

Fulham Massage Therapist, Dorothy Kovacs

I grew up in Hungary and initially studied in Tourism. However, my passion has always been to help people, and so I started my journey in Massage, qualifying as a Swedish Massage Therapist in 2008 in Budapest.

For 4 years, I practiced massage therapy at a traditional Massage Salon where I learned various massage techniques such as Thai, Swedish, and Aroma. However, my goals evolved and I sensed it was time to continue to grow as a massage therapist by studying Sports Massage in 2015.

I am committed to remaining current in this health care profession by continuing education, expanding my knowledge base, and adopting new therapeutic practices. My treatments include trigger point therapy, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques and stretching, deep tissue massage and relaxation massage which assist with stress and pain reduction and injury prevention. I always strive to offer professional and high quality services, and derive great satisfaction in seeing my patients quality of life improving with every treatment.


Photo of Umit Kashif

Sports Therapist, Umut Kashif

As a qualified Sports Therapist, my desire is to help others get back to full function, fitness and to be pain free. I am a family-oriented person, passionate in my approach and believe in giving full customer care. Knowing my skills are used to assist those that need help, I use specific techniques that I believe are best suitable for my clients and their respective conditions and needs. As a professional, being involved within a sports therapy industry, I have helped many patients through rehabilitation and Personal trained clients too.

Since graduating, I have been keen to develop my skills further and to continue to work to the best of my ability. It is my goal to learn new therapeutic techniques and to become the best sports therapist I can. Ensuring all treatments I conduct are the best standard for clients, I feel it is vital to bring my knowledge to The Centre, making sure patients gain the best experience and get the right path to full wellness.

My treatments include sports massage techniques, medical acupuncture, kinesiology taping and sports taping. Further, I am qualified to treat and perform joint and postural assessments. I believe my style of treatment allows clients to gain the right care. It is my philosophy to find the underlying cause of the symptoms and treat accordingly to achieve the best outcome possible.