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At The Centre, we’re proud to offer patients a variety of cutting-edge therapies to help them achieve their goals in health.

In an effort to stay up to date with advancements, we’re proud to let you know about an up-and-coming service now available at our practice—Biokinetics. We’re happy to have Biokineticist and President of the Biokinetics Association in the UK, Simon Maskell, offer the focused therapy in the practice.

What is Biokinetics?

Simply put, Biokinetics is a focused form of rehabilitation that involves creating a custom exercise plan for your needs. Biokinetics can benefit those dealing with muscular issues, athletic injuries, cardiac problems and even chronic diseases. Biokinetics helps to bridge the gap between medical professionals and natural wellness, and is rooted deeply in scientific evidence.

In this one-on-one setting, Simon will help you achieve your goals in health while developing a care plan that’s completely unique to your body.

At your first appointment, Simon will talk with you in depth about your health history to get a better idea of what your care plan should entail. You’ll go through an initial consultation that will include several tests, including range of motion, flexibility, balance, postural assessment and muscle activation tests.

From there, Simon will evaluate your needs and come up with a plan of action that includes a variety of exercises and stretches that will help you obtain your goals. He’ll also go over ways to improve your workspace to make it more ergonomic, as well as your lifestyle. In addition to exercise work, he may prescribe hydrotherapy or muscle stimulation depending on your unique needs.

You can expect each visit to last roughly 30 minutes, with progress evaluation taking place after a few weeks and continuing throughout your care.

How do I know if I am a candidate?

During your first appointment, we’ll be able to better assess you to determine if you’re a candidate. If we think you can be helped, we can arrange a care plan that works to bring you results while fitting your schedule.
Can you help me with nutritional support?

While that isn’t our wheelhouse, we can certainly discuss lifestyle changes that can improve your health and wellbeing. We can also refer you to a different practitioner in house who can help you with dietary and nutritional support—that’s one of the many benefits of choosing The Centre—we have almost every modality under one roof.
How is this different from physiotherapy?

Typically, we often refer to ourselves as the ‘final’ step in rehabilitation, building upon the work accomplished during previous rehabilitative interventions. We’ll also work on addressing any lifestyle issues and behavior modification necessary through exercise.

Book Your Appointment

If you’re interested in learning more about how Biokinetics may be able to help you live a healthier life naturally, we’d love to meet you. Contact our practice today to learn more and get started with your first visit.

We can’t wait to welcome you into our care and help you achieve your goals in health and life!

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